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Dr Petros Katsioloudes

Collaborating Doctor with Platonas Medical Center (PMC).

Dr Petros Katsioloudes

Internal Medicine, Hepatology

Michail Georgalla 1, 1095, Nicosia


Dr Petros Katsioloudes is an Internist who specializes in Hepatology, Liver Diseases and Liver Transplantation.

He graduated the Faculty of Medicine of Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. His specialty as an Internist was acquired in Heraklion University of Crete Greece.

He attended several educational courses and programs abroad, including Geriatrics at the University of Cork, Ireland, a training program in palliative care provision for chronic pain at the San Diego University of California Palliative Medicine, California USA, successfully diagnosing and treating acute and chronic pain and improving the quality of life for a considerable number of satisfied patients, as well as, a postgraduate educational course in Infectious Diseases, Hepatology and Liver Transplantation at the Rome University Research Hospital, National Institute of Infectious Diseases Department of Infectious Diseases – Hepatology – Liver Transplantation, “Lazzaro Spallanzani”, Rome, Italy.


Dr Katsioloudes specializes in Hepatology, Liver Diseases and Liver Transplantation.  He is a member of the European Association for the Study of Liver (E.A.S.L.), the Hellenic Association for the Study of Liver (E.E.M.H.) and various National and International Medical Associations.


During the last 8 years, Dr Katsioloudes has been working as a specialized Internist and Liver Diseases at Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus. He worked in collaboration with Royal Free Hospital, London UK, Henry Mondor Hospital in Paris France, and other European Hospital for Liver Transplantation and successfully assisted many patients in getting transplanted.

He worked in various hospitals all over Cyprus and ended working at Nicosia General Hospital. He also had working experience in Finland, Ireland, and Italy. Along with the practice of Clinical Medicine, he dedicated himself with the education and training of medical students, residents as well as other healthcare related students, and he has been appointed as honorary assistant professor at the University of Nicosia Medical School, St George’s University of London. Toward this educational goal, of research and training medical students and residents he collaborated also with Cyprus University Medical School as well as European University Medical School and Medical Schools of Greek Universities.

The vast experience Dr Katsioloudes has gained over the last 8+ years through dealing with a great number of patients with chronic liver disease and by conducting a great number of liver transplantation qualify him as an expert in treating liver diseases, universally acclaimed by patients as well as peers.

He has been appointed as Focal point for Hepatitis B and C at ECDC since 2016 and also as the National Coordinator for Hepatitis B and C Committee in Cyprus.  Soon after at the same year, he was elected as active member of the Coordination Committee of Hepatitis B and C of the ECDC. He closely collaborated also with WHO and USA CDC.

He struggled for the eradication of Viral Hepatitis B and C and after a 3-year journey with common efforts with all the

stakeholders involved, especially the patients, managed to yield a National Action Plan for Eradication of Hepatitis C 2019-2024, in April 17th, 2019, approved by the Council of Minister and based on WHO Plan for Eradicating Hepatitis B & C 2015-2030, as well as, on the recommendation of the ECDC & WHO task mission expert group assessments 25-26th 2018.

He has been nominated by ECDC & WHO and finally awarded the prize of Hepatitis Elimination Champion by the Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination (CGHE) for his efforts in a time over 3 years, involving all stakeholders, especially the patients in Cyprus managing at the end to receive the Ministry of Health approval for a National Action Plan for Eradication of Hepatitis C 2019-2024. His motto for the eradication campaign was «Make noise for a silent disease», «Κάνε θόρυβο για μια αθόρυβη νόσο».

Additionally, his continuous post-graduate training and his active participation in countless of workshops, seminars, and conferences in many European countries, enable him to be constantly updated and to provide the most modern and recognized treatments in almost the entire range of Liver Diseases and the entire spectrum of Internal Medicine.

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