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Gait Analysis

Our hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient institutional rehabilitation and rehabilitation services.

Our doctors, nurses and physiotherapists ensure that every patient receives the best treatment, in a comfortable and supportive environment, based on international guidelines.

The walking analyser (Gait Analysis) is a pioneering innovation in the world of rehabilitation and is the most advanced equipment in our hospital.

It is a special treadmill that improves body function through fun, interactive games, without feeling like you are working out or having a physiotherapy session. The training allows patients suffering from severe functional limitations to start treatment, even very shortly after a surgical procedure.

The technological capabilities of the device can be fully adapted to the needs of each patient: from wheelchair patients to those with reduced mobility and even to those who have full walking capabilities.

The walking analyzer is suitable for inpatients and outpatients and focuses on achieving the following patient goals: improving balance, recovering from injuries, and improving cognitive skills.

What is it good for?

  • Rehabilitation after stroke and spinal cord syndrome
  • Therapy for Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis syndrome
  • Rehabilitation after hip and knee surgeries, bone fractures and muscular injuries
  • Training cognition, coordination, postural control and sensorimotor functions
  • Preventing future falls
  • Becoming gait independent through a high number of step repetitions
  • Supporting and correcting the gait through intuitive and fun programs
  • Analyzing achievements, with the help of video recording and pressure measurement
  • Gait training through visual, acoustic and virtual feedback
  • Training in virtual surroundings, with coordinative and cognitive tasks
  • Practice with the option of arm support, that allows exercises without any body weight
  • Practicing in a safe environment that prevents the patient from falling
  • Caring, friendly and stimulating environment