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Platonas Medical Center (PMC), is proud to work closely with some of the world’s leading medical centers.

Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer, Israel

Our center maintains close partnerships with the Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer, Israel’s leading medical center and one of the 10 best medical centers in the world. Among other facilities, Sheba Medical Center hosts one of the world’s largest rehabilitation centers, and has made major contributions to academic research and innovation in this field.

The PMC’s connections with Sheba - Tel Hashomer include:

Professional guidance
from leading Israeli doctors
and rehabilitation specialists, regarding rehabilitation
treatment programs.

Vocational training seminars and workshops in Cyprus and Israel for professional staff to practice new methods, exchange information and improve skills.

Seamlessly continuing  rehabilitation at PMC for Cypriot patients who have undergone surgery at Sheba – Tel Hashomer.

Joint research projects by Sheba – Tel Hashomer and the Medical School of the University of Nicosia.

University of Nicosia Medical School, Cyprus

The University of Nicosia includes the largest medical school in Cyprus, which has been the leading institute in developing life and health science programs in Cyprus for the past two decades. More than 850 students from 64 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Israel, and EU member states, study at the university each year. University of Nicosia graduates serve as leading doctors in their home countries and are qualified in delivering the most innovative treatment methods.

Our cooperation includes:

Clinical education run by PMC medical staff for students of the university’s MD and MBBS programs.

Research activity at PMC’s departments by medical students and faculty members.

Development of training activities by PMC qualified staff members for medical students at the University of Nicosia.

European University of Cyprus

The European University of Cyprus is one of the most important academic and research centres in southern Europe, and has long been identified with quality education and innovation. Over the 60+ years since it was established, the European University has grown into a leading academic and research institution in the region, containing schools of medicine, sciences, business, law and more.

Our cooperation includes:

Clinical education for students in the departments of physiotherapy and coccupational therapy.

Development of educational activities for EUC students by specialized PMC staff.


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