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Psychology Services

Chronic or acute illness and disability can cause significant psychological disruptions to a person’s life. Consistent professional help is crucial and paves the way to recovery.

At Platonas Medical Center, we believe in a holistic approach which unites both body and mind. Our psychologist plays an integral part in the recovery process, counseling patients through the experience and helping them through significant life changes.

Our doctors, the nursing and paramedical staff of the center ensure that each patient receives the best treatment, in a comfortable and supportive environment, based on international guidelines.

What is it good for?

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  • Maximising health and welfare
  • Empowering independence
  • Promoting social participation
  • Overcoming physical conditions
  • Communicating challenges
  • Adjusting to any injury or illness
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What do we offer?

  • Weekly sessions to monitor status and progress
  • Tailor-made treatment by our trained psychologist
  • Individual revolving program that matches the changing needs of the patient
  • Consistent support throughout the recovery process
  • Caring, friendly and stimulating environment
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