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Dr George Astras

In-house Doctor at Platonas Medical Center (PMC).

Dr George Astras

Medical Oncology

Chytron 13, 1075, Nicosia


Dr George Astras is a Medical Oncology Consultant who provides professional oncology services throughout Cyprus.

Dr Astras has extensive experience in Oncology and his specialty training included posts in the United Kingdom. He obtained an MD from the Semmelweis University of Medicine.

His first oncology experience was at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre (BOCOC) which ignited his interest in Medical Oncology and motivated him to seek higher training in the United Kingdom. He obtained his MRCP through a variety of posts and enrolled in a part time Master’s Degree in Oncology at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He has completed a Master of Science Degree in Oncology and has participated in numerous Phase I, Phase II and III Oncology trials in the United Kingdom.


Dr Astras specializes in Medical Oncology, which involves using chemotherapy, targeted therapies, hormonal manipulation and other treatments in the management of cancer.

His role as a medical oncologist begins from the moment of diagnosis and continues throughout the course of the disease and survivorship by:

  • Educating the patient about their type of cancer and the stages of its development
  • Discussing treatment options and making recommendations to the patient
  • Monitoring the care and treatment of the patient throughout the course of the disease
  • Working with the patient to improve the quality of life throughout the treatment and the management of pain and symptoms

Throughout the years Dr. Astras has attended numerous Oncological conferences and training days over and above the Medical Oncology Specialist Registrar Training Days. He has a strong clinical background and training in Medical Oncology attending peripheral clinics and participating in multidisciplinary team meetings and has reviewed more than 30,000 patients. He has been exposed to the full range of medical oncology sub-specialties and has considerable skills in managing a wide range of malignancies as well as firm grounding in rarer malignancies such as sarcomas and Syndromes such as the Steward Traves Syndrome and Li-Fraumeni Syndrome.

Dr. Astras was also involved in Acute Oncology Service Setup and has created e-learning modules for doctors as well as an informational DVD about Neutropenic Sepsis.

Dr. Astras has been active in teaching medical students, junior doctors and nurses. He has participated in the Dorset Cancer Network Nurses teaching program and developed the Medical Oncology Handbook for RBCH, NHS trust.

Dr. Astras created, developed and led the new Oncology Department at the American Medical Centre creating chemotherapy protocols, Acute Oncology Protocols and Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings.


Dr Astras is a member of professional organizations such as, the General Medical Council in the UK, the British Medical Association, the Cyprus Medical Association, and the Greek Medical Association. He is also a member of the Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology (HESMO), the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) and the Cypriot Society of Oncology.

From 2001 to 2004 he worked in various posts at the Nicosia General Hospital, the Nicosia Polyclinic and at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre. In 2004 he returned to the UK where he worked at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, NHS Trust, UK, while doing his MSc in Oncology. From 2006 – 2008 he was Specialist Registrar/Clinical Research Fellow Medical Oncology at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and until 2011 Specialist Registrar-SpRD Medical Oncology. He then moved on to the Poole Hospital NHS Trust, UK as a Consultant in Medical Oncology for Colorectal, Breast, Sarcomas, Skin and Renal cancers. From 2011 to the present, he is a Consultant in Medical Oncology at Private Practice Clinic in Nicosia.

Dr. Astras is also the Lead Consultant in Medical Oncology at the American Medical Hospital, the Apollonion Private Hospital and Ygeia Polyclinic. He has also served as Locum Consultant in Medical Oncology at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital NHS, for Lung/Sarcomas/Renal Cancers, Locum Specialist Registrar Medical Oncology Royal Marsden Hospital NHS, London and Locum Specialist Registrar Medical Oncology at St James University Hospital NHS, Leeds for Breast Cancer.

Our Oncology Team treats and offers professional opinions on all types of Cancer and Dr. Astras has developed a particular research interest in Lung Cancers, Breast Cancers, Gastro-intestinal cancers and Soft tissue Sarcomas.

Cancer care is delivered at our clinic within a multidisciplinary care team (MDT) environment, involving a group of highly skilled professionals who specialize in specific types of cancer. Combining quality care with the latest technology and approaches to treatment, we believe that this approach to cancer treatment and care is more beneficial to our patients.

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