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Dr Demetra Kouma

Collaborating Doctor with Platonas Medical Center (PMC).

Dr Demetra Kouma

Internal Medicine

Piraeus 36, Strovolos, 2023, Nicosia


Dr Demetra Kouma graduated with distinction from the Archbishop Makarios III Lyceum in Nicosia in 2001 and studied Human Medicine at the Medical School of Ioannina in Greece, graduating in 2007. She attended a postgraduate Program in Hepatology (6th Clinical Hepatology School) organized by the Hellenic Association for the Study of the Liver (HASL) and received a Certification in clinical Hepatology after passing the required examination. Dr Kouma is currently a MsC student in Healthcare Management at the Open University of Cyprus.


Dr Kouma specialized in Internal Medicine at the Nicosia General Hospital gaining experience in managing patients in emergency, impatient as well as outpatient care.

She was also trained in Diabetes at the Laiko General Hospital in Athens, at the Diabetes Center of the First Department of Propaedeutic and Internal Medicine of the University Clinic, as well as in Infectiology. Dr Kouma received her degree as Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine in 2014 at the Medical University of Crete.

In addition, Dr Kouma trained in Germany (Berlin) in Geriatric Medicine and received the Title of Geriatrician, after succeeding the required examination in 2022 (Subspecialty in Geriatrics).


Dr Kouma was a trainee in Internal Medicine at the Department of Internal Medicine at Nicosia General Hospital from 2009 to 2014. At the same time, she was also trained in the Diabetes as well in the Infectiology Department at the Laiko General Hospital in Athens. After obtaining her Title as Consultant in Internal Medicine, she moved to Germany and started working in Malteser Hospital in Berlin (Malteser-Krankenhaus, akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus der Charite Berlin) in 2015, as a Consultant Physician. During this period, she gained furthermore experience in managing geriatric patients in impatient care.  In Malteser Hospital she had under her supervision trainees and medical students and participated in the hospital’s educational program.  Dr Kouma trained in Ultrasound (Abdomen, Retroperitoneum and Thyroid) and received a certification after attending a basic Ultrasound course certified by the DEGUM (Germany Society of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology).

In addition, she went through training in Liver and Cardiac diseases, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and Diabetes through a series of relevant seminars. She has published several scientific articles in international scientific journals, in fields of Internal Medicine, and participated in many international congresses. Since 2022 she is a Personal Doctor under the General Health System at the Nicosia Medical Centre. Equipped with scientific training and long-term experience in Cyprus and abroad her main goal is to provide high quality medical services through a holistic and personalized approach, cultivating a personal relationship with the patient.

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