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Dr Christos Soteriou

Collaborating Doctor with Platonas Medical Center (PMC).

Dr Christos Soteriou

Internal Medicine, Diabetology

Piraeus 36, Strovolos, 2023, Nicosia


Dr Christos Soteriou graduated from the Strovolos Lyceum in 2000. After his military service, he studied at the University of Thessaly in the department of medicine in Larissa from 2002 to 2008 where he graduated in 2008. In 2021 he completed the postgraduate program of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens “Diabetes, from Theory to Practice”. He has attended the work of the 11th School of Hepatology, from the Hellenic Liver Study Society for one year 2018-2019 and successfully completed the school and the HLSS exams.


Dr Soteriou holds a specialization in Pathology from the University of Heraklion, Crete since 2014.

He has been licensed to practice in Greece since 2008, and from 2011 he has been registered in the Cyprus Medical Register.

To obtain the specialty of pathology, he trained from 2009 to 2014 at the Nicosia General Hospital, participating in the work of the Pathology clinic – assessment of patients in the ICU, admitting patients to the hospital or discharging them by providing the appropriate treatment or instructions, monitoring hospitalized patients and determining the differential diagnosis with the aim of treating them, monitoring outpatients in the Hypertension and Lipids clinic, the Hepatology clinic, the Diabetes clinic, participation in the educational work of the clinic with bibliographic updates, presentation of cases.

During his training in Pathology, he participated for three months in the work of the Nephrology clinic, three months in the work of the Cardiology clinic and three months in the work of the Intensive Care Unit. He participated in the work of the Diabetes Centre of the LAIKO University General Hospital in Athens under the supervision of Professor Nikos Tendolouris. He also attended the work of the Outpatient Hepatology Clinic and the clinical treatment of hospitalized patients with liver diseases under the supervision of Professor Dourakis Spyridon, at the 2nd University Pathology Clinic at the General Hospital of Athens “Hippokrateio”.

He also attended numerous conferences with topics related to the specialty of Internal Pathology, while at the Panhellenic Congress of Internal Pathology in 2013 he presented papers on the topic of anti-diabetes education of people with type 2 diabetes in the Nicosia General Hospital and achieving the target of glycaemic control of patients with type 2 diabetes at the Nicosia General Hospital.


Dr Soteriou has been working as a Personal Physician within the framework of the General Health Service (GESY) since 2019. He maintains a practice at the Nicosia Medical Center in Strovolos and a second one in Geri. He evaluates a large number of patients daily, dealing with pathology or primary care issues. In November 2019, he started collaborating as an external doctor with the “Archangel Michael” Nursing Home and Dementia Rehabilitation Center, AMEN. The main concern at the Nursing Home is the monitoring and treatment of the health problems experienced by the tenants and visitors. Dr Soteriou Participates with the rest of the staff in offering services and programs to the elderly and those suffering from Alzheimer’s/ Dementia. As of November 2019, he is the doctor responsible for the pathological issues of the residents of the “Nikeio” Home for the Mentally Ill. From January 2021 he is the doctor of the Nursing Home “Frontizzo” with weekly visits to the Home.

From 2018 to 2019 he worked as a 1st class Pathology medical officer at the Pathology Clinic of the Larnaca General Hospital. In addition to the monitoring and treatment of hospitalized patients in the pathology clinic and also in the Intensive Care Unit (open ICU), he monitored patients with liver problems in the outpatient clinics participating in the Hepatology Department of the hospital, patients with a history of Diabetes in the outpatient clinics and evaluated patients with other pathological problems such as Arterial Hypertension, regulation of anticoagulant treatment in patients with arrhythmias, DVT, pulmonary embolism.

During 2018 and 2019 after attending the 11th Hepatology School in Greece and after exams he completed the training in Hepatology of the Hellenic Liver Study Society. He trained the specialist doctors of the clinic every day, both theoretically and practically. He participated in the on-call program and was on-call evaluating patients in the A&E Department and in the other clinics of the hospital dealing with pathological cases.

As part of the clinic’s research project, he has presented numerous speeches or posted papers at Pan-Hellenic the Internal Pathology Conferences and Diabetes Conferences. He worked from 2015 to 2018 as a 1st class Pathology medical officer at the Oncology Clinic of the Nicosia General Hospital. He worked as a Pathology medical officer at the Outpatient Clinics of Nicosia from 2014 to 2015, while from 2014 he worked at the Outpatient Clinics of Strovolos. In the outpatient clinics, the tasks were the monitoring of patients and the regulation of their diseases and the prevention of acute and chronic complications. He has worked as a Pathologist in the inpatient department of the Oncology Center of the Bank of Cyprus in 2014. At the Center he was responsible for monitoring inpatients, treatment complications, pain management and control, conservative treatment of ileus and treatment of acute oncological cases such as. He frequently assessed and treated patients in the Supportive Care Department. In addition to the above, he had the task of training the Junior Doctors working at the Center.

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